Epic Finale is Epic

Epic. Season Finale is so epic. I’ve just finished watching the season finale of season 2. Sooooo good 😀 Soooo awesome 😀

But now I have to wait for season 3 T_T

Hey, do you even watch My Litte Pony? Cause it’s worth it you know 😉




Gaaahhh… I can’t keep to deadlines at all T_T I’m so sorry you guys.
I’ve been working all day on my nails, to make tutorials of them or make them at all.
And I’m done. I’ve finished all the designs I was planning to do and got all the pictures and the story up in my head.
But it’s almost 12 am and I’ve got to rise at 5:30 am again,

Tomorrow I’ll spam your email box full but tonight I’m going to sleep.

I’ll give you a preview of what to come though 🙂

more cupcakes!


I Pinkie Promise everything will be up tomorrow! (as long as Mockingjay won’t held me captive in their world :p)

deadline changes

Yeah… scratch that. I didn’t finish my gift for my boyfriend on time (his birthday itself) and have to make it now before we’re gonna celebrate it… which is next monday.
I’ll set the deadline by next sunday. So:  April 15.

So, for the 2/3 people following my blog, sunday April 15, I’ll have everything updated.



I’m not dead! =D

Yesh! I’m still alive.
And bored. That’s why I’m making a new blog post =D Yay!

I WILL  update everything I’ve done for Nails and Delish food. Probably also for a few new hobbies I’ve gotten in the meantime. Just… not now :p It’s kinda a long list >.<

Maybe I should set a time limit.
Oke here we go. I will have everything updated…. at a deadline of next sunday. Which is April 8.
Does that sounds fair?

What I will be updating:

– Halloween
– Christmas specials (3 designs if I’m right)
– New Year Nails
– Valentines day
– My Little Pony (Buck Yeah!!!)
– Secret nails (Doing something special for my BF, he reading my blog, can’t say what it is yet. )
– And I will also be doing Eastern nails (No idea which design yet though ^^’ )

– Valentines Cupcakes
– Eastern Cupcakes
(Not sure if I’ve made something for Christmas x’D If I’ll stumble upon it, I’ll add it, ok? 🙂  )

 Other stuffs I’ve been working on ^^

Be ready to get a Buck load of posts in your mailbox!!! =D


First Rambling

Soooo…. yeah me 2…

I think I’ll most likely post the awesome food I make and the awesome nails I have.
Maybe some about my BF if you guys don’t complain about it >.<

I might also let out my nerdness in here…

So you can see this post as a warning as what you might find on here xD
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


P.s. You can follow my BF’s blog. You can find the link in the blogroll on the right ‘Huyminhle.’ Do it!

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