New Year Nail art: Firework!

Happy Newyear?

I’ve found this design on YouTube, and I didn’t had any choice but to use it as my New Year Design. It FORCED me to use it T_T

Le Video:

As base I’ve used my blackest nail polish. Wait until that’s dry and add a matte polish of your choice.

Wait till that’s dry and get your shiniest and prettiest polishes. With your smallest nail art brush, draw small line’s from one point out. I also added another line of glittery gold polish over the gold fireworks. It did smear a bit to the sides because it’s clear. Hey, I’m just thinking… Does someone know if I could add another matte coat over it?

But, Don’t add a topcoat! Cause that would disable the use off the matte topcoat.

And than you’re done! 😀 Enjoy your new year design? xD

I hope you enjoyed my post and that it was useful ^^ If ya got questions, don’t be afraid to ask me! 🙂


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