Nail art Technique: Plastic bag

[the designs I’m using are for my (very, very late) Halloween theme. I’ll make a special post for it in the next few days]

I really really really stink at doing my right hand because I’m right-handed.
Luckily, I’ve found this technique on the Interwebs.

But instead of using a small paper bag, I use a map which is much more firm and you don’t have to keep stretching it to have an smooth surface.
I also stink at drawing with nail polish out of nowhere, especially when I don’t know if the design is gonna fit. And since you can put paper in the map, I first draw my design on the paper and later on draw it over on the map with nail polish ^^

What you’ll need extra is a pencil with a really really sharp and small point. Cause you’ll have to draw teenytiny.
First I draw my finger, just placing my finger on the sheet and outlining the top. Then I mark where my nail begins and how big it is. With that I sketch my nail. And as long as you stay inside there, the design will fit in your nail! ^^

In the video, she doesn’t use topcoat/see through nail polish, but I’ve seen someone else use it and I find that very useful. That way, when you can’t wait a night, you won’t rip your design itself to shreds, at least the little bit of topcoat.
So, first you place a little layer of topcoat.

Then you draw your design over the topcoat and let it dry. After that, add another layer of topcoat.

Best is to let it dry for over a night or so. Cause then you can just wiggle the plastic a bit or scratch on the other side, and it’ll almost jump off.
When you can’t wait for a night, at least wait a few hours, get a pair of tweezers and very carefully peel off your design.

Paint your nails in the wanted colours.

Add a topcoat and before it dries, carefully place your design on top with a pair of tweezers.
Add very little pressure with a cotton swab. Don’t freak out when it’s all bumpy, cause now we’ll add another layer of topcoat and you’re DONE!!!


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